It’s heartwarming to hear about Fuji singer Saheed Osupa’s kind and compassionate gesture. Offering a helping hand to veteran actor Bankefa, who is battling with a stroke, shows the power of empathy and support within the entertainment community. Kudos to Saheed Osupa for his act of kindness!

You will Recalled that the actor express expressed his emotions in a heartbreaking social media post and begged Nigerians and his fellow actors in the entertainment business for support.

The actor claimed that he had contacted a number of well-known individuals, including artists and actors, but had gotten no answer, and he expressed his desperation and frustration.

Saheed Osupa’s response to Bankefa’s health struggles showcases the true spirit of empathy and compassion. His desire to make a difference in the actor’s life reflects the positive impact artists can have when they come together to support one another. It’s truly inspiring!

Saheed Osupa, renowned for his philanthropic endeavors, took the initiative to reach out to Temi Sobola Blog to extend his support. It’s heartening to see artists using their platform to make a positive impact and help those in need.

According to temilolasobola an Instagram blogger, she reveal the singer gifts the actor a sum of N500,000 Naira.

The post Read: Yesterday I posted a video of Actor Bankefa crying and narrating how he had asked for help from his colleagues without any response. The master copy of the movie he produced had virus and this put him in so much debt making him to have stroke. Early this morning, Singer Saheed Osupa contacted me and asked for his account details. He gave him N500,000. God bless you sir @kingsaheedosupa for this great kindness. To everyone asking for his account details: 0021324944 Akinwunmi Tajudeen Ayinde STANBIC IBTC God bless you all for your good hearts❤️”

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