Breaking: Court Sends Iya Osun to Jail Over Ilorin Religious Crisis Ilorin is increasingly becoming the scene of an epic clash between Muslims and traditionalists (Isese).

Recent incidents are markers of the religious acrimony which started when a traditional worshipper of Obatala, Yeye Ajesikemi Olokun Omolara Olatunji, was prevented from hosting a planned festival for adherents of Isese.
Although top police operatives waded in, met with both Muslims and traditionalists and sued for peace, the crisis has refused to abate

Ilorin, Kwara state – A magistrate court sitting in Ilorin, Kwara state, has ruled that Madam Efunsetan Abebi Aniwura Olorisha, be remanded at the Oke- Kura Custodial Centre.

Madam Abebi is a top member of the Kwara State Association of Traditional Religion.

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