Nollywood actress Angela Okorie has finally spilled the tea on why she has been incessantly calling out Uche Elendu and Anita Joseph
In a new video, the movie star claimed that Uche Elendu shared false news with bloggers after she was shot in 2019 and Anita Joseph verbally attacked her
Angela’s new revelation on her movie star colleagues went viral online and many netizens shared their thoughts

Popular Nigerian actress, Angle Okorie, is back in the news after she finally opened up on the real reasons behind her issues with her colleagues, Anita Joseph and Uche Elendu.

Recall that Angela had been incessantly calling out Uche Elendu and Anita Joseph without revealing what caused them to fall out.

In a new development, Angela has now explained what happened between them and how it’s linked to her shooting incident in 2019.

Recall that in December 2019, Angela was shot after returning from a show and videos made the rounds at the time of her injured body and damaged car.

In the new video, Angela noted that Uche Elendu came to her house after she was shot and sent a video of her in her injured state to bloggers.

“Uche Elendu came to my house when I was shot and she was videoing me while they were cutting my skin with a razor blade and removing the pellets from the gunshots.”
Not stopping there, Angela added that the videos were sent to bloggers who reported that she was shot because she was sleeping with someone’s husband and someone’s wife who planned the attack.

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“I was practically trying to survive, they were giving me four injections every blessed day just to stabilise my life, I took over 200 injections. You had the effrontery to video me to be sending to a gullible and wicked blogger that was writing that I slept with a husband and wife which you and I know it was a lie because I don’t know anybody like that.”

Angela also explained in the video that Anita Joseph was also claiming that it was karma that came for her. The actress asked why they wanted to do her dirty and if she did wrong to them.

“I’m sure if they have anything against me, they would have posted it since long time ago but they don’t have anything against me, I am not part of what they do. But my anger is why would you want to do me dirty to that extent? Anita was busy saying it was karma, karma of what? Did I do you wrong? Come out and say it, tell the world what I have done to you.”

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