A video of a young girl of small stature dancing at a gathering has captured attention on the TikTok app
The trending video showed the energetic girl displaying her unique dance moves as people gathered to watch
While some netizens were in awe over her confidence and boldness, others maintained that she was beautiful

The internet has been abuzz with a video of a girl of small stature killing the show with her epic dance moves.

An intriguing video captured the short girl dancing energetically as her peers cheered her on.

Reactions as girl with small stature dances energetically
The video has sparked reactions on social media with many netizens applauding the girl’s talent and energy.

Many others expressed admiration for her confidence and ability to dance in front of a crowd.

@johnoseikissi said:

“Happiness is a choice.”
@tereza kay reacted:

“Someone should kiss my comment so that I come back and watch.”

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