Nigerian actress Asabi Simple, renowned as the third wife of popular fuji singer Portable, recently utilized social media to deliver a firm warning to those who dare to utter negative remarks about her son.

Through a post shared on her Instagram page, the fiercely protective mother made it clear that she is unwavering in her commitment to shield her child from any form of negativity or danger.
It is worth noting that Asabi Simple has faced criticism on social media, being labeled as a husband snatcher following the birth of her child with singer Portable.

Asabi Simple stands as the third mother of the controversial singer Portable’s children.

In her words, ” Make anybody no say negative word to my son if you no wan make God get angry at u 000, go face your families if I did what u don’t like just caution yourself not do such o tell your families not to do such that’s if u even have say on anyone in your family let your life be your priority and don’t be worthless am not using joint life with so let me use my life d way I choose too ooo.”

The actress’s post quickly garnered attention on social media, with many praising her for standing up for her son and showing unconditional love and protection.

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