A Nigerian man and his wife have received a free gift of over N776k after they gifted a stranger only about N1500
The man named Ojay and his wife both live in Canada, where they run a fashion shop visited by Zachery Dereniowski
When Zachery walked into the shop, he asked Ojay for a token, and he got the sum of $2, about N1500, from the shop owners

Without hesitation, Ojay immediately handed Zachery N1500, and he was elated and decided to reward their kindness with more money.

It all started when motivational speaker Zachery Dereniowski paid a visit to the shop and asked to be helped with $2, an equivalent of N1500.

Zachery informed Ojay and his wife that he wants to give them $1000, which is about N776k.

The Nigerian man and his wife were so happy and overwhelmed with joy. They revealed that they have been facing some challenges.

Zachery is now seeking to raise the sum of $20,000, or about N15.5 million, for Ojay and his wife.

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