Nollywood actress Ronke Oshodi Oke is celebrating her birthday with heartfelt gratitude towards God.

The talented actress, known for her radiant complexion, disclosed that she spent her previous birthday in St Nicholas Hospital, confined to a sick bed. However, this year, she joyfully commemorates her special day in good health and high spirits.

Accompanied by a beautiful photo of herself, Ronke expressed her deep appreciation to her creator for the precious gift of life.

In addition to celebrating her birthday, Ronke Oshodi Oke has another significant reason to express gratitude. Recently, her daughter faced a distressing incident of poisoning.

Though the details surrounding the incident are not provided, Ronke is undoubtedly thankful that her daughter has recovered from the poisoning incident. This additional blessing adds to her gratitude on this special day.

Nollywood actress Ronke Oshodi Oke, whose real name is Ibironke Anthony Ojo, recently spoke out about her daughter Jummy’s alleged food poisoning. The actress had accused Jummy’s undisclosed higher institution of negligence, narrating how her daughter was poisoned by either her friends or roommates.

Ronke explained that she received a distress call at 3:45 am informing her that her daughter was in the hospital because she drank hypo. Upon arrival, she saw Jummy in distress, crying and looking disheveled. Although it remains a mystery how Jummy drank hypo, Ronke believes that her daughter’s friends or roommates were trying to poison her.

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