Kemi Korede, a popular actress in the Nigerian film industry known as Nollywood, has taken to her Instagram page to celebrate her birthday today.

Recently returning from Hajj in 2023, Kemi Korede has dedicated her time to express gratitude to God with a lengthy note on Instagram as she celebrates her birthday

In her word; Everything about my life is grace,grace & more grace!!!Who am I God???I will not be where I am today had it not been for you Lord沈You have done so much for me & I cannot tell it all.When I look back on my life journey I see your mighty hand pasted all over.I will sing of your goodness all the days of my life,as long as I breath.You deserve all the glory,honour & adoration my God.You are full of compassion & never capitalize on my shortcomings like humans will do.Ijinle ninu ijinle eseun oIt is another 365 days around the sun.   Happy Birthday To Me!!!.

Happy 9th Birthday To My Beautiful Daughter – Actress Kemi Korede Celebrate Daughter Birthday

Nigerian film star, Kemi Korede, joyfully commemorates the 9th birthday of her youngest child, Ayokade Jamat.

Expressing her happiness on Instagram, Kemi Korede posted a picture of herself and her daughter, referring to her as a precious blessing bestowed upon her by God.

She further emphasized that Ayokade brings immense joy to their entire family, fulfilling the role of a loving and affectionate younger sister to her older siblings.

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