Welcome to my blog; in this piece, I will discuss both the positive and bad consequences of technology progress on our age. Unlike past generations, where slates were used during school days, technological innovation has provided many benefits to our day-to-day activities in this generation.

Because of technological advancements, most schools now employ digital resources for learning both at home and in the classroom. These digital assets/instructional materials have affected students’ learning to the point that pupils no longer need to attend school to study and comprehend.

Technology has simplified our learning compared to the past, from how to find someone to help you with your assignment/homework, which used to be a herculean task for students in the past. I remember when I was in secondary school, when there was no internet to research from, it was always difficult to get assignment done in those days.

Nowadays, there is the internet, which allows anybody to conduct research, participate to online forums/communities based on a topic matter, and so on. This has greatly aided students today in one way or another for those who take use of the beneficial aspects.

Whatever has benefits will inevitably have drawbacks; in this piece, I will discuss some of the drawbacks of technology on our generation in depth.

Unlike in the past, when letters and signs were the primary methods of communication, we today have various options for communication, such as phone, email, and social media. In previous generations, for someone in one state to communicate with someone in another state, a letter had to be sent by road to the recipient of the letter in another state. In terms of transportation, as we all know, transportation is one of the keys to a normal and stable economy. However, there are too many risks associated with transportation in the past; people had to risk their lives through land transportation. Consider someone who wants to go from one state to another and the only way to do so is on horseback; this is both dangerous for their life and stressful.

When it comes to education, there are many educational resources available in this generation, reading materials can be easily found online, online videos that will enhance learning can be easily obtained by students of today, there are several online mediums for communication among students, these days, there are many online learning websites that are available for use by students, virtually everything that you can think of learning is now available online, if you read articles and watch videos.

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Nowadays, you may study an IT talent online and become skilled in it; there are several resources available online for acquiring IT skills, like website creation, graphic design, and video editing, among others.

As previously said, there are no advantages that do not have negatives; owing to the progress of technology in this generation, technology has its own problems ranging from social media to porn websites, among others. Most students today abuse social media, which always has an impact on their academic achievement.


The foundations of the consequences of technological growth on our everyday lives have been examined in this article; technology is wonderful, but your perspective and personality will determine whether it will affect you positively or badly.

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