Everyone is now totally immersed in the digital world, ignoring the notion that they may make money offline, but the truth is that there are still some lucrative ways to generate money in Nigeria that do not need stealing.

Making money offline does not imply that you are abandoning the internet world entirely. You will be harnessing the internet environment to earn money offline and boost sales.

The only difference between you and individuals who make money offline is that they are full-time online earners who do not need to make physical contact with the customer or employee before conducting transactions.

On the other side, you will be earning money offline and maybe utilizing the digital world, which means you will need to make physical contact with your customers, but the digital realm may function as a way of generating sales.

Hello, my name is Benjamin, and I am the creator and main teacher of one of the best and fastest growing freelancing brands in the world. In this post, you will discover in full how to make money offline as a Nigerian.

In addition, I will walk you through specific activities that you should do in order to produce more sales as an offline income.

We recall that you do the majority of your transactions offline, but you will undoubtedly want the digital scope in order to increase sales.

Enough of that, let’s go through what you may do to generate money lawfully in Nigeria.

Ways to make money offline in Nigeria

  • Becoming a realtor
  • Starting Importation and exportation business
  • Livestock rearing
  • Selling electronic gadget
  • Soap making
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I have more than 5 things you can do to get money offline, but I want to be specific with you. That is why this entire project is so profitable.

What will I be talking about beneath them? I’ll explain what these enterprises are all about, how to start small and win large, and what hurdles you’ll face.

Most blogs you find online will not tell you whether you have any hurdles ahead of you; they just want everything to appear like a ready-made wealth, which it is not.

I hope I’m not frightening you away; these obstacles are nothing to be concerned about, and I’ll explain how you can overcome them. You only need a lot of illumination to keep the light on!

Lucrative offline business in Nigeria

  • Realtor

Realtors are in charge of selling, leasing, and lending properties.

This is one of the most profitable offline companies available, but it does demand a significant amount of cash to succeed.

But there is one method I will share with you that I learned from a senior colleague: he began his real estate firm on a small scale.

To begin with, he understands what it takes to become a good realtor; you must have money to begin real estate if you want to expand quickly.

But that is exactly what he did; he began by serving as an agent for tiny hostels mostly occupied by students. He matured and established himself gradually.

He is now doing great…

One of the difficulties you may have as a real estate agent is that you may become irritated in your efforts to find individuals who would enjoy the property you are showing them. Additionally, as you advance in your career (acting as agent for student hostels).


Your production will undoubtedly fluctuate; if you are a hostel agent for Lagos State University, you may anticipate obtaining students who will rent a housing every month, with the exception of when they return to school.

  • Starting importation and exportation business

This takes a lot of time; I tried it once but dropped out since I was a student at the time and needed time to focus on my studies. However, I may opt-in shortly.

Importation and exportation are the processes of bringing things from other countries, such as China, and selling them in Nigeria. You buy items from China and sell them in Nigeria because they are inexpensive.

If you want to learn more about this way of producing money, you should look into importation and exportation. You may leave a remark on this post, which will prompt me to create similar stuff. As a result, we will solely examine the importing and exportation business; it will be a comprehensive guide for starting one.

  • Livestock rearing

Livestock has always been profitable because to its productivity; this is a company that does not require much cash to get started.

Start with 5-10 animals and purchase a small enclosure to put them in, make sure you feed them correctly, and now watch how your company grows.

Most individuals will not teach you how to make this business pay you, that is, how to sell these livestock. It is an offline business, but in order to create large sales, you will need to use the internet realm.

To optimize your sales, you will need a website. Depending on the individual designing the website and the host he or she is using, an ordinary website may cost between $15,000 and $20,000.


If you don’t have the funds to build a website, you may always pay someone to run effective advertisements for you. Please contact me for website design or ads.

  • Soap making

You will get the most out of this because soap is a must; all you need to do is attend the class and put things up with a small quantity.

It is not necessary to operate a large soap manufacturing enterprise before becoming a soap maker; you may begin in your region of residence and always leave opportunity for progress.

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