Welcome to my blog; in this post, I will describe some of the top trending technology of our day; if you have missed the newest in technology, don’t hesitate to read some other technology articles. Despite the fact that Covid-19 has had a significant influence on the globe, technology has seen amazing progress, with a large increase in solutions in the fields of medical, healthcare, AI, and block-chain, among others.

I must state that technology has affected our daily activities as well as transformed our lives today. I will be discussing top technologies for a brighter future.



Edge Computing is a current technology in development that brings data storage and computation closer to business settings, improving response time and reducing bandwidth usage. It is also thought to build more technologies because enterprises are rapidly gaining access to sophisticated and specialized resources that are certain and easily used for daily activities.

Benefits of Edge Computing

  • Edge computing increases security to new height by addressing local compliance, privacy legislation and data sovereignty
  • It reduces influence of enterprise
  • It enhances speed
  • It reduces cost

Edge computing is already being used by top technology firms such as Del, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM.



Human augmentation is the use of technology to improve both physical and cognitive capacities. Once implanted in the individual, it will allow them to execute previously impossible tasks. Human augmentation is also one of the most current technologies; it will increase a person’s physical endurance as well as their capacity to think and make better judgments; to put it another way, we may claim that human augmentation has a lot of promise for the future of technology. Human augmentation is being used by Google, Samsung, and FOSSLL, among others.




Artificial intelligence has proven to be one of the most transformative technological evolutions today, but with the current work scenario, Artificial Intelligence is more promising than ever. AI is set to become a such a technological trend in the future with the immense potential, with companies such as NVIDIA, Google, and Microsoft adopting Artificial Intelligence.



Quantum computing is the future of computers, with BMW, Daimler, and others declaring that they will prioritize resources for quantum computing. This computer used quantum mechanical processes to address computational difficulties, and it used quantum processes to store data and execute computations. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, companies like as Accenture, Amazon, Hitachi, and Google have embraced quantum computing to develop new vaccinations.



Computer Vision is a field of artificial intelligence that enables computers and systems to extract usable information from digital images and videos, as well as other visual inputs, and to perform actions or make suggestions based on that data. AI has had a substantial impact on assisting humans with tasks connected to object recognition and categorization; there has been a breakthrough in AI. Deep learning and neural networks, as well as computer vision, are being used in a range of industries, including energy and utilities, manufacturing, and automotive, and the industry is continually developing. Among the most well-known computer vision firms are Tractable, Verkada, and Hawk-eye Innovations.



A digital twin is a virtual depiction of a real thing that is created to precisely reflect the original and investigate and respond to various sensors. This technology is being used for building, manufacturing plants, card or complex object to monitor the existing transformation of numerous processes as well as detection of potential breakdowns, events, or abnormalities invoking. Digital Twin is used by corporations such as Microsoft, Siemens, Oracle, IBM, and CISCO, among others.




Self-driving vehicles are also among the newest technologies and newer inventions. Using data collection and analytics, new technological trends, and features such as autonomous braking, lane-changing, and automation of other in-car systems, self-driving cars have stormed the market today. It has a few flaws that have yet to be addressed, and there is no guarantee that the simple, easy-moving, and more autonomous automobiles will be available in the future. Tesla, Audi, Ford, Apple, and Waymo, among others, are all working hard to make autonomous driving a reality.



Automation of intelligence processes in robotic process automation, IBA employs Artificial Intelligence and associated developing technologies such as computer vision, cognitive automation, and machine learning. According to McKinsey Organization, in the selling industry, intelligence process automation has been experimented with an impressive result of about 50%-70% of task, 25% – 35% annual cost reduction, and ROI in the triple-digit, it is safe to say the main benefit of Intelligence process Automation is a significant amplification of the returns RPA offers, companies like Capgemini, IBM, Deloitte, and SAP are really deploying Intelligence process Automation in their organizations



Finally, the future appears to be brighter than ever, with the potential to reshape all aspects of life. Have you heard about the new developments that have lately been implemented? Let us know in the comments box, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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