One of the key reasons certain firms have been more successful than others is due to top-secret information that business owners are not privy to. In this context, I will be revealing with you the secret behind the most successful business you may have seen or studied.



I’ve been operating a profitable business since 2015, and my team and I are still working hard to push the brands to the next level this year. But what if I told you that this knowledge is a trade secret obtained from one of the world’s top salespeople, Dan Lok?

These remarks may not have the same impact coming from me, but now you know it was the brainchild of geniuses such as Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Akin Alabi.

Secrete behind a successful business

  1. You must have a plan of creating something of real value

This is why, before starting any business, the ideal question to ask oneself is “what issues can I solve?” This will undoubtedly provide value to your company’s consumers.

I was watching a YouTube video about how a 10-year-old American girl invented a baby spoon. She identified a problem, which was infants throwing their spoons aside, so she designed a beautiful spoon. This spoon is so appealing that a baby will want to hold it all day.

What if he or she decides to throw it away? According to her explanation, there is another mechanism to counteract that, a thick rubber material that comes with the spoon, which will be tied around the baby’s neck.

So, when he or she drops the spoon, it will not contact the ground, and a problem will be solved in the process.


So, when you establish a business, make sure it will serve as a long-term answer.

If your company doesn’t really solve an issue or offer value to your clients, they will not return after the initial transaction.

  1. You must be passionate about what you are planning to achieve

Successful company owners are usually enthusiastic about what they manage, therefore if you want to start a business that you aren’t passionate about, my darling, you should take a break first.

Make sure you are passionate about what you are doing; it will keep you going even when things get difficult. Although I have seen some young entrepreneurs establish a business not because they are passionate about it, some don’t care about the business they are operating and are doing well.

The main reason I will encourage you to be enthusiastic about what you are starting is because when problems emerge, your enthusiasm will keep you going. If you are not passionate about what you are pushing into the labor market, you will quickly give up on a potential firm.

I am not disputing that you must examine the profitability of a business before starting it, but how passionate you are about the business is critical.

  1. You may decide to have a team

This is not required, but I prefer working in groups.

When I used cooperation to boost the output of my blogs, I discovered how effective it can be.

It is so simple that you can manage your own business, and I know this since I did it before launching several of my fast-growing businesses.

The benefits of working as a team cannot be overstated; you tend to achieve your goals faster; they say that two brains are better than one; and working as a team generates innovations; diverse creative ideas from a team member may be combined to produce something wonderful.

  1. You must be a proper executor
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This is another crucial quality to look for in successful organizations; the boards that run them are competent executors.

If a firm is having challenges with execution, it will never be successful since executing your concept well is one strategy that will provide you an advantage and flourish your product.

I recall reading books and feeling so prepared to launch that I launched multiple enterprises with bad execution, and what do you expect? It was a stumbling block in the market.

So, if you’re reading entrepreneurship books, I recommend you read books that will assist you carry out your goals; a fantastic prescription is “little business big money” by Akin Alabi.

  1. You must be consistent in what you have started

Being consistent with what you do is like gasoline; image your firm as a generator, and consistency as the fuel; when the fuel runs out, the generator shuts down.

This, I believe, is an excellent example that will help you see what consistency looks like and how vital it is to your organization. It’s like a human without air; he or she will suffocate.

Break that particular assignment into pieces if you want to be consistent in your actions. For example, if you operate a blog and your goal is to publish 96 articles in a year, that is a large job man! You won’t know how successfully you can attain your aim unless you simplify it.


  1. Follow the 80-20 rule of business

I call it the 80-20 rule of business because it is easy to remember: this is the expenditure margin between production and advertising.


For your business to thrive, you must understand that 20% of your cash should go toward the manufacture of the things you are selling and 80% should go toward publicity.

If you are giving services to people, it still works that way: 20% of your time should be dedicated to providing a quality service, while the remaining 80% should be dedicated to raising awareness.

This is one secret that many people are unaware of, and based on my study, the majority of business owners do not want to spend money on product/service awareness, preferring to spend it on inexpensive advertisements if at all.

It is now up to you to seize the bull by the horns; you must devote more time to mindfulness.

  1. Prayer

Prayer is also effective; pray in a language that God understands and work alongside praying.

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