In this essay, I will describe Google Could Platform website hosting from the ground up. You will learn what Google Could Platform website offers when it comes to website hosting requirements.


  • Introduction to google cloud web hosting.
  • Some basics of could computing
  • Web hosting service providers.GCP
  • What is GCP and why go for it?
  • Different types of web hosting
  • Lush use case
  • Hands-on google could platform web hosting.


Introduction to google cloud web hosting.

When it comes to Google Could web hosting, it has the ability to effortlessly host a safe and trustworthy website, it ensures customer and site protections, the website is housed on a fast and reliable network, and you can accomplish more work for less money with Google Could.

When discussing Google Cloud, it is always Google to learn the fundamentals of cloud computing. Cloud computing is simply the use of hardware and software components to offer a service to a network. Users may access these files and programs from any device with internet connectivity.

So, when we talk about cloud computing, we are referring to the use of surfaces that are hosted on infrastructures managed by cloud providers, and the resources that can be used include data surfaces, storage options, URL computing options, networking options, and a variety of other surfaces that cloud providers provide.

Cloud computing includes several distinct surfaces, including software surfaces, infrastructure surfaces, and container surfaces. Cloud providers provide various surfaces, some of which are for automatic software integration and migration, backing up and restoring data, unlimited storage capacity using a resource provided by the cloud provider, as well as reliability and cost efficiency. In this post, we will discuss Google could.

Web Hosting Service Provider


There are several web hosting service providers, including AWS, IBM Cloud, Go Daddy, Google Cloud, BlueHost, Squarespace, and others.

What is GCP and why go for it?

GCP, or Google Cloud Platform, is a collection of cloud computing services offered by Google that operate on the same infrastructure as Google’s end-user applications such as YouTube and Gmail. When it comes to GCP, there are several reasons why people pick Google Cloud Platform. Let us look at the most important factors.

  • Pricing

Google Cloud Computing has lower pricing than its competitors, depending on the services you want to use, such as using computing engine instances and running your applications on them, or using a managed surface such as a big table or big query and having your project running and storing massive amounts of data, or even building your own database house where you can store structured data. There are several services provided by GCP, and pricing has been a superior alternative in the case of Google in contrast to other competitors.

  • Speed and Performance

When it comes to speed and performance, it is quite fast and boosts the performance of the project if you have utilized multiple Google services.

  • Live Migration of App

When it comes to live migration of applications, none of its competitors provide it. However, when we talk about computing engine in migration, there is a feature whereby your resources/project will be migrated from one hosting provider to another without affecting your application/project, and you can take advantage of that.

  • Big Data

When it comes to large data, one of the benefits that Google Could Platform gives over its competitors is big data.

  • High Productivity
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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) GCP provides high productivity because you are using resources that are based on the same infrastructure that Google uses for her resources; you can work from anywhere if you have an internet connection and connect to the cloud platform and use different services offered to you web; you can quickly collaborate with colleagues working on different projects and you may be sharing or using different GCP resources; you benefit from high security and encryption; and you can work from anywhere if you have an internet connection and connect to the cloud platform and use different services offered to you web. Google Cloud Platform is extremely dependable and adaptable.

Different types of website hosting by Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud offers three types of web hosting;


It is an open source and free content management system (CMS). It is the most widely used content management system; it is simple to set up a blog and a website using it.


The LAMP stack (Linux, Apache HTTP server, MySQL, and PHP) is used to host websites and online applications. You may also create your own website, which you can create or develop directly on the compute engine.

Lush as Use Case

Lush was formed in 1995 and is a global cosmetics shop with headquarters in the United Kingdom. It sells a varied selection of fresh handcrafted goods and has grown to become a global brand with 930 outlets in 49 countries.

Some of the challenges are

  • Traffic on Boxing Day caused website crash for almost 18 hours.
  • The previous platform has no scalability option.

The solutions to these problems:

  • Flexibility of Google Cloud Platform
  • With rapid VM deployment on Google Compute Engine, the environment were monitored and destroyed in minutes, so the team cloud test and deploy at speed.
  • By using Google Cloud SQL Lush took complete control of its infrastructure and optimized its system for effective scaling.
  • The platform resulted in lower cost that led to a bright future for Lush Cosmetics.


  • The availability during peak loads was improved because of Google Compute Engine’s auto scaling feature.
  • The infrastructure hosting cost was reduced by 40%
  • Streamline datacenter usage from five to three with Google’s high-quality private network.
  • It provides a flexible architecture and scalability for future business growth.


Google Cloud Platform delivers greater services than you can think; among other things, security is of the utmost importance. Many services will demand you to have your website hosted on the Google Could Platform before you can utilize their services. The Hands-on Google might platform web hosting will be covered in volume two of this essay.

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