Almost everyone uses Facebook, but not everyone is aware that they may make money on Facebook in Nigeria. Oh yes! You heard me correctly. Aside from utilizing Facebook to meet new people, you can also utilize it to generate money online.

With up to 2.2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the most popular social tools. And, considering that the world’s population is 7.6 billion, and 2.2 billion people use Facebook, it equates to 33% of the world’s population. So, with such a large number of individuals on one social media platform, there are limitless options to market your products and generate money on Facebook in Nigeria.

I come across multiple Facebook profiles and observe that the majority of them have over 1000 likes and a large number of comments on every single post they make, and I think to myself, “If only these people knew they could make money on Facebook instead of just having fun.”

In this post, I’ll discuss the Top 12 Ways to Make Money on Facebook in Nigeria with you.

Let’s get right to work.

Best ways to make Earning with your Facebook Account in Nigeria

  1. Join Facebook Audience Network

The Facebook Audience Network is at the top of the list of methods to generate money on Facebook in Nigeria. The Facebook Audience Network allows high-value monetization on Facebook for apps and sites. It’s a lot like Google AdSense.

If you have a page and you create videos and share them with the page on a daily basis, you may utilize Facebook Audience Network to monetize your page and make money on Facebook in Nigeria. Bloggers that upload articles on their page are also included.

If you’re a writer or operate a blog, Facebook Instant Articles, if approved, will let you to join the Facebook audience network and begin earning money as people read your material.

  1. Facebook Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is just referring individuals to buy items or services in exchange for a commission.

If you have a thriving Facebook page on a certain topic or niche with a large number of followers and interaction, you should think about generating money from Facebook in Nigeria by marketing items or services connected to that topic/niche that your followers are likely to be interested in.

It’s not difficult to understand. Join an affiliate network that sells things linked to the topics you discuss on your Facebook page. When you have been accepted, browse for items or services with high sales commissions. Copies the affiliate link and distribute it to your Facebook audience.

Sharing a product review post is another way to ensure your audience clicks on your affiliate link and purchases a product. The review post might include information such as how effective the product is, why they should buy it, or how your audience would profit from purchasing it.

Assume you have a profile or page with 20,000 active followers. And you recommend a $50 product with a 50% commission. And around 1000 of your target audience clicks to buy. This will net you $25,000! Isn’t it amazing?

aThis video discusses it in further depth.


Examples of Ads network you can register and find products to promote are:

  • Jumia Affiliate
  • Konga Affiliates
  • Amazon Affiliates
  • Commission Junction
  1. Join Local Buy and Sell Groups

You may sell some local products by searching for Buy and Sell groups on Facebook. You don’t always have to market to your Facebook buddies. When you discover appropriate Facebook groups, you can generally create the post in one group and duplicate it in another before the message goes public.

Be careful not to spam when posting. Every group has its own set of rules and regulations, so read the group guidelines before posting. Otherwise, the group administrators may decide to delete your posts or remove you from the group.

  1. Sell your products

Have you ever considered selling your products or services on Facebook? It is absolutely achievable, and it does not need much work. This is one of the simplest methods to make money on Facebook; it is also a wonderful way to reach as many people as possible, with up to 2 billion people actively using Facebook.

You may sell on Facebook using your timeline, a Facebook page, or a Facebook group. When I was working with a small gas business in my region, they ran a Facebook ad with very little money, and it was one of the main reasons the gas firm is still thriving.

The major goal is to utilize Facebook in order to reach a larger audience; I will also recommend that you develop a Facebook group and page.

So, what exactly can you sell on Facebook? You may sell a variety of items on Facebook, including:

  • Shoes
  • Clothes
  • Bags
  • Phones
  • phone accessories
  • computer accessories
  • Electronics e.t.c.

But there are some certain things you can’t sell on Facebook. They include:

  • Illicit drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Firearms
  • Animals
  • Real money gambling products
  • Certain healthcare products

You may also offer your services on Facebook if you have any talents. The first step in selling anything is to create a Facebook page for whatever product or service you have to offer. Simply log in to your Facebook account, click the arrow button in the upper right corner of Facebook, and then select Create a Page.

The remainder of what you’ll need to do is submit a photograph to serve as the page’s profile picture, the cover photo, and fill in all of the needed information about your business. When you’re through with that, you can set up your shop, upload product images, and enter the essential data for each product.

  1. Direct Adverts

Direct advertising is just posting advertisements on your profile or page for items or services that your audience will be interested in. This is most effective if you have a very active Facebook page with high interaction on a topic like business, health, or technology. There is no limit to how much money you may generate on Facebook in Nigeria.

There are corporations and enterprises seeking for ways to advertise their products to a larger audience. If your Facebook post receives a lot of interaction and likes, don’t lose out on this.


PPC is a type of internet advertising in which marketers pay each time a user clicks on one of their web advertisements.

Pay per click networks are an additional way to earn money on Facebook in Nigeria. It’s quite simple. You register with them. You’ll get material or choose stuff to publish on your social media networks, and you’ll be paid for each click.

However, bear in mind that PPC is quite sensitive. To avoid getting banned or suspended, you must not click on the links you promote or urge someone you know to click on.

  1. Sponsored Post

Companies and large company brands may contact you to advertise their products or services to your followers or on your Facebook page. Furthermore, many marketers are prepared to use well-written blogs to spread the news about their company or campaigns.

Because your followers regard you as an expert and connect with your postings sufficiently, they are extremely likely to sign up for or click on offers you advertise, while you get compensated by the firms or business brands whose products you push.

  1. Drive Traffic to other Blogs

This is the main way I’ve been assisting my blog’s growth, and the more visitors I get, the more likely I am to earn more money through AdSense or other means of making money.

You may make money on Facebook in Nigeria by generating visitors to someone else’s blog or website through your page.

For example, suppose you have an active entertainment page where you provide updates on what’s new in the entertainment business. You may contact entertainment sites who are still struggling to gain enough traffic and offer to promote their content on your page for a price. Because your active followers will click on the posts or links you put on your page, any link or URL of any blog will receive traffic from your page.

  1. Sell your Facebook Page

This is a very effective and straightforward method of earning money on Facebook in Nigeria. If your Facebook page gains a large number of followers and interaction, you may sell it for a large quantity of money. Many individuals and companies would hurry to purchase an active Facebook page or group for thousands of naira.

You may inform other Facebook groups that your page or group is for sale. You may also email people or companies that you believe might be interested in purchasing your page. Depending on the number of followers or interaction, you may sell your page or group for up to N100, 000 or more.


  1. 10. SHORT-LINKS

This is one of the simplest, but most lucrative, methods to generate money on Facebook in Nigeria. Making money with Short-links is as simple as utilizing a link Shortener service for each link you publish on your page or on social media. This is the greatest option for you. If you frequently post news or information on Facebook.

Simply share a link to any news or information, go to a link shortener, copy the shorter URL, and post it on your Facebook timeline page.

When someone clicks on it, they are shown an ad before being sent to the page they wish to visit. The advertising are how link shorteners earn money, which you are compensated for.

Some popular link shorteners are:

Link Shrink




People may want you to manage and run advertisements on their page if they find you have loyal and engaged followers, publish compelling material, and can run ads. A Facebook page manager, sometimes known as a social media manager, is someone who is in charge of monitoring, contributing to, filtering, measuring, and generally leading a brand, product, individual, or corporation’s social media presence.

You may make good money managing a Facebook page as a part-time or full-time profession. Facebook management Job opportunities may be found on websites such as Indeed, Upwork, Freelancer, and others.

  1. Facebook Surveys

The final easy option to generate money with Facebook in Nigeria is through analysis or surveys. In most situations, large or start-up organizations do research to gather customer attitudes about a new or current product or service. The major reason they do this is to gain a better understanding of how consumers perceive the goods and the advancements that may be made.

To conduct this poll, businesses contact the proprietors of pages with a respectable number of followers, websites, or blogs with a large following. If your Facebook page meets their criteria, you can be compensated for the survey.


Facebook is an excellent social networking platform for chatting with friends and meeting new ones. However, it will be nice if you can have fun while simultaneously generating money on Facebook in Nigeria.

It makes no difference what your age is or what you do for a career; anyone in Nigeria may make money on Facebook.

With over 2.2 billion Facebook active users and the knowledge you’ve gained from this article, I’d be amazed if you can’t still generate money from Facebook.

I’ve earned a lot of money and continue to make money from having a Facebook account, so now it’s your chance to capitalize on this notion if you haven’t already.

Have you ever made money on Facebook, or do you plan to start? If so, please share your experience in the comments section.

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