• POS business

One of the greatest companies to start with cheap money in Nigeria is the point of sale (POS) company. All you need to do is be clever enough to manage transactions with clients. To start a POS firm, you will need a business banner. A business banner is not required, but it will assist your targeted clients find you and understand what you are about.

POS machines are available from a variety of providers, including banks, Flutter Wave, and Opay. The rates for POS vary depending on the organization; you will pay a certain amount before receiving the machine, and the equipment must be utilized regularly in order to avoid disconnections. You can start a POS business with less than $20,000 if you know what you’re doing and aren’t living off of shawarma.

You don’t need to rent an apartment or a shop to start a POS company; all you need is a nice location for your business and you can start generating money every day. People withdraw money on a regular basis for both consumption and personal usage, thus the POS business is dependable.

To obtain a POS machine, you must go to the nearest organization of your choosing; each organization has its own terms and conditions for the machine’s release. People are generating money from the POS industry since it is low-stress.

According to my study, Opay POS is one of the finest in terms of network, costs, and so on.

  • Rearing of rabbit

Rabbit breeding is particularly profitable in Nigeria since rabbit may be utilized for both food and economic purposes. Rabbit breeding is one of the simplest methods to generate money in Nigeria. Starting a rabbit company is more simpler; you will need the assistance of a Carpenter to help you build their house.

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To be successful in the rabbit industry, some safeguards must be taken. Rabbits are very neat animals, and their cage must be kept clean at all times to avoid sickness. You can begin with three females and one male, with the man serving the three ladies. Rabbits are extremely prolific in nature, giving birth to up to ten kittens.

Once you have a sufficient number of rabbits, you can easily advertise and sell them; some individuals do buy them in volume. You may prepare it for people’s everyday usage and earn a lot of money doing so.

  • Rearing of snail

Snail breeding is very profitable; in some parts of Nigeria, snails are widely consumed. Obtaining a newborn snail is fairly straightforward; you may get it from individuals who sell it at a reasonable price. You will start generating money within 6-12 months. Snail may be consumed on a regular basis as well as for personal usage. Snails are quite profitable since their feeding is not very expensive. Grass-Cutter is also a nice place to start. If you have a location that is not always hot, you will love rearing snails since they are quite prolific.

A snail may generate over 1000 young snails at once, depending on conditions such as habitat, food, weather, and so on.

  • Selling of recharge card

The sale of recharge cards is highly prevalent and should not be underestimated. You can start a recharge card company on a shoestring budget; you simply have to start someplace. People recharge every day, so don’t restrict yourself to only recharge cards; data subscriptions are also a great method to generate money, since people use the internet virtually every second. Most individuals cannot conduct their everyday transactions without an internet connection, and because people utilize social media to combat sadness, they will always require mobile data.

  • Working with bakery
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You can get bread at a bargain from a typical bakery; what matters most is packaging; everything relies on how you package yourself. You will be earning your daily income. Many people choose bread since it is a ready-made food. In a nutshell, there are several enterprises that may be launched with less than $50,000.

People make a lot of money from bread every day since a huge percentage of the population like it. Children enjoy bread, and a bread company might be successful for a young entrepreneur.

  • Selling of pure water

This is how it works: you can start a clean water business with $50,000. You will begin by utilizing someone else’s fridge/freezer. Because it is commonly known that you can afford a freezer for the time being, you must begin someplace. The pure water business is also profitable; humans cannot survive without water. When you go into the pure water industry, you will make a lot of money.

  • Rearing of bee

People raise bees to collect honey, which is subsequently converted into money. Bee is one of the simplest companies to start with less than $20,000 with capital. People prefer real honey to diluted honey, as we all know. Honey is utilized for everyday use, therapeutic purposes, and personal usage. It is just a matter of time before the bee business becomes lucrative and trustworthy. The bee business requires a variety of techniques, but we have expertise in this area.



There are many businesses that you can start with low capitals; don’t wait until you have millions to start a business; there is always room for growth in any business; you just need to pay attention to details and be strategic in nature, do more with less, and follow 10x rules, and everything will be fine in time.

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